ASL 304 Online Classes

ASL 304 Online Classes

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Language Priority is now opening up ASL 304 classes for August/September (Session 5) for those who have taken ASL 303 from me! 

This class is for those who have completed ASL 303 and wish to continue building their ASL vocabulary and conversational phrases in ASL 304! You MUST have attended at least 4 out of the 6 classes in ASL 303 to advance to ASL 304. If you missed 3 or more classes in ASL 303, you’ll need to retake that class before advancing to ASL 304. (See FAQ below for more information.)

REGISTER NOW! IMPORTANT — At checkout, please check out using your email address or write your name and email address in the customer notes box. You can see this box when you click “ADD TO CART.” This is how we will communicate and share links to all of your class information! You will receive an email with all the information including the zoom link the weekend before class starts.

(Classes are taught in CENTRAL DAYLIGHT TIME - CDT)

Each time slot is for one individual. If multiple people in a family wish to take the class, they must each purchase a time slot for their classes separately.

Overview of the classes:

• ASL 304: Intermediate level (Continuing on from ASL 303)

Starting the week of August 5th / Ending the week of September 12th

• 6 week classes

• 90 minute sessions

• Cost: $150

**Limited space per class

All classes will be taught virtually via Zoom and will be running on Central Daylight Time (CDT). So, if you're located outside of CDT, you'll need to be sure you know which time you'll need to sign up for.

FAQ about ASL 304 Online Classes

Can I sign up just to receive access to the Google Drive resources (study guides/videos) and not attend class in person via Zoom? No. The purpose of this class is to learn ASL in a live setting where you can get immediate feedback on your signing skills and practice conversational skills with fellow classmates. Study guides and videos are merely supplemental. They are not replacements for attending class in person. There are lots of YouTube videos out there for free that you can learn from if that's what you're looking for. This class is for those who want immediate and direct feedback on their signing skills.

Are classes recorded so we can rewatch if we miss a class? No, I do not record my classes for people to watch at a later time. A couple of reasons for this is: 1.) It takes a lot of space on my computer to record and save ten 90 minute classes a week. 2.) The purpose of these classes is to attend in-person via Zoom so I can provide you with immediate feedback on your signing. You cannot learn as well from recordings as you can from having live feedback. 3.) Some people do not wish to be recorded, so I respect everyone's privacy.

Is there an attendance policy? In order to best receive the maximum benefits of this class, attendance is extremely important. Missing a class or two is ok and people can usually catch up. However, anyone who misses 3 or more classes will need to retake the class in order to advance to the next level as that's half of the content that has been missed and many students struggle to keep up at that point. I will notify any student who have missed three days and inform them that they will need to retake the class at a later date if they so choose. Those students will be removed from the class roster and will lose access to the Google Drive folder as the study guides/videos are simply supplemental and are not meant to be replacements for attending class in person (as mentioned above). This helps me to ensure the integrity and quality my students' signing skills and overall progress.

Meet the Teacher — Sara Miller

Sara was born deaf with severe to profound hearing levels. She identifies as Latina and uses the pronouns she/her. Sara taught in the classroom as a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing for the past 13 years and has her bachelors degree in Deaf Education as well as a masters degree in Educational Leadership. Sara is the founder and owner of Language Priority and is also the creator behind the @adventuresindeafed Instagram account! 

Refund Policy: You must notify Language Priority via email ( at least 7 days prior to the start of the session (August 5th) in order to receive a refund. After that deadline, all sales are final.