Collection: Language First Members Collection

For the last week in February, Language First Members will receive 15% off of the tees listed in this collection! (Feb. 22nd - 26th) You should have received the discount code in the newsletter from Kim that went out on February 1st!

(The discount code MUST be entered at checkout to receive the 15% off... This cannot be done after the order has been processed. Also, the discount code can only be used one time per customer.) 

The tees in this collection will be personally packaged and shipped out by me. There is a limited number in stock, so hurry and grab yours before they run out!

Feel free to order any other apparel/merchandise from my website! Just know the discount won't apply to items outside of this collection and may be fulfilled and shipped separately by a third-party company.

Thank you so much for stopping by my small business! And keep on making LANGUAGE the PRIORITY in deaf and hard of hearing children's lives!

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  • SWEETHEART (ASL) - Adult Tees **Limited Stock**
    SWEETHEART (ASL) - Adult Tees **Limited Stock**
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