ILY - Temporary Tattoo
ILY - Temporary Tattoo
ILY - Temporary Tattoo

ILY - Temporary Tattoo

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Show your pride and love for the Deaf community with our ILY temporary tattoo. Super easy to apply which makes them perfect for parties, events, or just for fun. Wear your heart on your skin with this colorful tattoo.

(Designed by Sara Miller/Language Priority ©️2020) 

Product description:

  • approx. 3” x 3”
  • Made with FDA-approved inks
  • Safe on the skin and easy to apply
  • Last for 1-3 days

How to apply your temporary tattoo:

  1. Clean the area where you will apply the tattoo with soap and water. Then, ensure the area is dry.
  2. Remove the plastic protective film from your tattoo.
  3. Hold your tattoo face down on the application area.
  4. Wet a sponge or paper towel and hold it against the tattoo backing for 30 seconds, allowing the water to soak through the tattoo paper.
  5. Remove the backing by sliding it away and gently rub the wet sponge over the applied tattoo for the best results.
  6. Show your friends your new tattoo!

To remove your tattoo, the following methods have been found to work best:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Baby oil or olive oil
  • Scotch tape (although not recommended for thick or coarse hair)

We do not advise attempting to remove your tattoo with soap and water.

**SHIPPING TO USA and CANADA ONLY**  - Stickers are shipped in envelopes with no tracking.

Estimated time for delivery once shipped (USA): 3-5 BUSINESS days                                

Estimated time for delivery once shipped (CANADA): 6-14 BUSINESS days [May take longer depending on the impact of COVID on postal services]

When ordering temporary tattoos from CANADA, please do not combine them with other items on the website. There are a few items on my store that cannot be shipped to Canada and could cause issues with your ability to check out. So, please order the stickers separately from the other items on my website in order to avoid any complications while checking out. Thank you!

(This temporary tattoo is fulfilled by Sara - Language Priority's business owner. It will arrive separately from other merchandise ordered on this website. Items fulfilled by Sara all have a disclaimer written in red in the product description. If there is no disclaimer, then it is fulfilled by a separate printing company.)